The Command Editor can be accessed when the Command icon is active in the Devices view.

  1. In the Command Editor window, enter the content of the Command in the Edit Command pane.



    You can also use the command icon to select a command.

  2. Click the command icon commandicon2 .

    Note: By default, the Select Item window opens to network specific templates.
  3. Navigate to the folder location of the command.

  4. Select the command.




  5. Click Select Item . The Select Item window closes. The selected commands are inserted into the Command.

  6. Back at the Configuration window, you can click the Reference Variables icon. 

  7. You must also determine if these are Terminal or Device Server Commands, and mark the radio button accordingly.

  8. You can also use the Insert Reference Variables icon smallrefv and insert an appropriate variable.

Since a config is not a full config file, once the Command is ready, you can then complete these tasks:

  • Save the Command as a .txt file, located on your hard drive or network

  • Save as a Workspace

  • Schedule the job

  • Cancel your activity on this window

Note: Clicking the Device (under Devices in the Command Editor) allows you to then select Preview to view the text of the command.