The ability to create networks in Network Configuration Manager is reserved for users with System or Network Administration privileges.

After a network is created, but before any devices can be discovered into the network, you need to:

  • Associate a network with one or more device servers that will manage the devices in the network
  • Assign groups and users to your network
  • Create auto-discovery jobs
Important: Depending on the way you setup your networks, the networks can be created before adding users and groups, or you can create the users and groups before creating the networks. Either way is acceptable.

To create a new network,

  1. From the menu bar, select Tools -> System Administration. The System Administration window opens.

  2. In the navigation pane, click Networks. In the right pane, a list of all current networks displays and the Add button is activated at the bottom of the window.

  3. Click Add. The Network window opens.

  4. At a minimum, you must enter a Network Name.

  5. Optionally, enter a Domain Name and Description of the network.

  6. When finished, click OK. The Network window closes. The navigation pane refreshes and the new network is added to the list of networks.

You can now add one or more device servers to manage your network devices.