Best Practices are recommend methods of completing tasks or tips that should be used, based on a typical scenario.

  • The Site hierarchy was constructed to provide your organization with an effective way to track the physical location of devices in your network. While it is acceptable to use the Site hierarchy for day-to-day network management, it is recommended that Views be used for managing devices, especially when a deep site structure is created. This will greatly speed the navigation to the devices you frequently manage. 

  • When creating networks and adding sites and views, construct the site hierarchy from the bottom up. Start with the rack location, and work backward. By creating the site in this manner you only have to move the devices that belong in each site type to their location, rather than moving all of them from the upper-most location downward. 

  • Hierarchical rules apply to the site hierarchy. For example, site names are unique at each level of the hierarchy. In the hierarchy graphic (shown below) when naming site types, there cannot be two New York locations under United States. There can, however, be duplicate floor names (such as 13th), as they reside under two different sub-site locations.  


  • When making changes to a site type, all set attribute values are lost and must be reset.