A Device Configuration State (DCS) is defined by multiple configuration files or domains.

A Device will now have multiple Configuration States, each identified by a state number. Each Configuration State is comprised of one of more revisionable units.

Revisionable Units can be categorized into:

  • Config Files

  • Hardware

  • File System Information

  • Storage Information

  • Interface information

  • Extended Attribute Model information

With multiple configuration unit support, the system revisions every device configuration state. As part of the device configuration state, the following configuration units will be revisioned:

  • Configuration Files

  • Diagnostic Result

  • Interface Information

  • Physical Hardware

  • Memory Information

  • File system Information

  • Attributed Information – This may include items such as, ACLs, VLAN, and ARP.

Note that not all configuration units become part of the revisioned state. The device package is used to configure configuration units as "revisionable" or not. If not revisionable, th