Voyence uses a "2 out of 3 rule" to determine if a discovered device is new. The three items tested are:

  • SysObjectID

  • IP address

  • Name or Serial Number

Depending of the device class of the device the "name" is the HostName, SysName, or serial number of the device.

The device server compares the found "Name" with its internal database of managed devices. If there are no matches, the device server compares the discovered IP address with the list of IP addresses in its internal database.

Note: The internal database on the device server includes all the IP addresses for the devices it is managing, not just the management addresses.  This ensures that a device is not just discovered via another interface.

If either the device name or the IP address is matched to a device in the internal database, the system compares the discovered SysObjectID with the SysObjectID of the matched device.   

If these are a match, it is assumed that the discovered device is a duplicate, and it is assigned the matched device's IDX.   If the SysObjectID's do not match, but both the device name AND IP addresses match, the device is assumed to be a duplicate , and is assigned the matching devices IDX.

If none of the three (or only one of the three) items match an existing device, the device is assumed to be a new device , and the device server assigns a new IDX number to the device.