This section describes the procedure of updating device access settings for Cisco ACI in Smart Assurance IP Availability and Performance Manager.

To update Cisco ACI in Smart Assurance IP Availability and Performance Manager:


  1. Click Device Access tab at the bottom of the Polling and Thresholds window.
  2. Right Click Cisco ACI Group.
  3. Copy the Cisco ACI group.
  4. Give a new group name.
  5. Change the priority of the new group name, so that, it appears at the top of the default Cisco ACI Group.
  6. Click New Group Name.
  7. Click Matching Criteria tab.
  8. Select any matching criteria, so that, the setting is associated with the APIC host.
    Set the matching criteria is for the first APIC host. SNMPAddress is the most preferred criteria considering its uniqueness.

    For Example, if apic1, apic2, and apic3 are three controller nodes running in Cluster mode, provide only apic1 details in the matching criteria. To monitor multiple APIC clusters, provide matching criteria which matches the APIC host of each cluster.


    SNMPAddress - <apic1-controlcluster1>|<apic1-controlcluster2>

    Here, apic1-controlcluster1 is first controller node IPaddress of the APIC cluster1 and apic1-controlcluster2 is the first controller node IPAddress of the second APIC cluster.

    Note: Even though SNMPAddress is used for matching criteria but SNMP is not used to either discover or monitor, it is an existing attribute which has been used.
  9. Expand Cisco ACI Access Group > Settings
  10. Click Cisco ACI Access Setting.
  11. Select Cisco ACI device access protocol.
    Default is HTTPS.
  12. Enter Hostname/IPAddress of the machine where DCF is installed.
  13. Enter comma-separated Kafka Cluster Hostname/IPAddress and Port.
  14. Enter Cisco ACI device user name and password.
  15. Confirm the password for Cisco ACI device.
  16. Enter the Cisco ACI port number.
  17. Click Apply to apply the settings.
  18. Click Reconfigure to complete the applied settings on the server.