This section describes the procedure of DCF upgradation in Console Mode.


  1. Download the installer package vsa_dcf- from
  2. Ensure to stop all programs before you start the installation.


  1. To run the installer in console based installer mode, execute the command:
    ./vsa_dcf- -i console
  2. Press Enter to continue.
    License agreement prompt appears.
  3. Press any key to continue reading the license agreement or press 0 to advance to end. Type Y and press Enter to accept the license agreement.
  4. Specify the directory to install DCF when installer prompts, or else press Enterto accept the default folder.
    Default Install Folder: /opt/DCF
    Note: If the target directory already contains an existing DCF installation, then it upgrades,else fresh installation takes place.
  5. Verify Pre-Installation Summary before moving ahead with the installation.
  6. Press Enter to continue the installation.
    Installation complete message displays.
  7. Press Enter to exit the installer.