VMware Integrated OpenStack (VIO) is a VMware supported OpenStack distribution that makes it easy for IT to run and manage an enterprise-grade OpenStack cloud on top of VMware Infrastructure. The VMware Integrated OpenStack architecture connects various virtual resources to the OpenStack Nova, Neutron, Cinder, Identity and Horizon services.

Nova: OpenStack Nova service interacts with the VMwareVCDriver (compute driver) to connect OpenStack Compute with vCenter. This driver enables Nova to communicate with a VMware vCenter server managing one or more clusters of ESXi hosts. The nova-compute service communicates, through the vCenter APIs, to a vCenter Server, which handles management of one or more ESXi clusters. The nova-compute service runs on a Linux server (OpenStack compute node) which acts as a proxy that uses the VMwareVCDriver to translate nova API calls to vCenter API calls and relates them to a vCenter server for processing. Hence, when a Nova API call is made to create a VM, Nova compute schedules where the VM is created. If the VM is to be created on a vSphere cluster, Nova compute hands that request off to the vCenter server which then schedules where in the cluster the VM will be created.

Neutron: OpenStack Neutron service interacts with the NSX Manager via a plugin for better network management and automating the network components.

VMware Intergrated OpenStack offers three types of deployments:
  • High Availability Mode
  • Compact Mode
  • Tiny Mode

The Server Manager provides VMware hypervisor management support for the following:

  • VMWare Integreated OpenStack compute support (using NOVA API).
  • VMware hypervisor and virtual machine discovery via VMWare Integreated OpenStack.

  • VMWare hypervisor and virtual machine monitoring.
  • Monitor hypervisor status.
  • Monitor virtual machine status.
  • VM addition and deletion.
  • Tracks virtual machine mobility (VM migration).
  • VMware Integreated OpenStack block storage support (using CINDER API).
  • Logical volume discovery and monitoring via OpenStack.
  • VMware Integreated OpenStack network support (using Neutron API).
  • Virtual interface discovery and monitoring via OpenStack
  • vRouter discovery and monitoring via VMWare Integreated OpenStack.
  • VMware Integreated OpenStack service discovery and monitoring.
  • Root-cause and impact analysis.

Additional prerequisites are necessary to use the VIO management feature. Review and fulfill them as described in Prerequisites for the VIO management.