For ESM 9.3 release onwards, Server Manager provides EMC M&R specific filters and properties in the XML configuration files for Brocade, Cisco, VNX and VMAX SolutionPacks where it can fetch data from EMC M&R through the web service API in order to discover and monitor only those storage devices that belong to a specific customer defined in EMC M&R instead of importing the entire M&R storage topology.

To configure the Server Manager to import devices assigned to a specific customer in EMC M&R, use: “Configure customer groups to import devices” on page 360.

EMC M&R provides the Groups Management feature where a service provider can group storage devices based on customer names or site names and collect the data into the database. It also provides group tagging information to retrieve collected data via the web service to the user. You can configure the customer-specific groups under the Customers tab by using this EMC M&R installation link: