You need to specify the Rabbit MQ (RMQ) credential for each OpenStack instance in the clientConnect.conf file located in the Server Manager installation directory.

If you do not specify the RMQ credential, the Server Manager cannot receive event information or topics from OpenStack. The Server Manager subscribes to the NOVA component of OpenStack in order to receive the topics related to the following Virtual Machine (Server) actions: Add, Delete, Migration, and Live Migration. The Server Manager processes the OpenStack topic and then performs the appropriate action on the topology.

In the clientConnect.conf file, use the same naming convention, Fully Qualified Domain Name or IP address, for the Rabbit MQ and OpenStack. For example, if you specify the IP address for OpenStack, then you need to specify the IP address for Rabbit MQ and not the FQDN.

To specify authentication:

  1. At BASEDIR/smarts/bin, type the following command:

                   sm_edit conf/clientConnect.conf
  2. Enter the following line for each OpenStack instance:

  3. Save and close the file.

  4. Restart the Server Manager.