For the Server Manager to discover Load Balancer topology, every new F5 System Object ID must be field certified by the VMware Smart Assurance IP Availability Manager. You can check the IP Certification Matrix for this information.

If an F5 System Object ID is not certified, create a field certification in the IP Availability Manager, as follows:

  1. At IP BASEDIR/smarts/bin, enter the following command:

    sm_edit conf/discovery/oid2type_Field.conf
  2. Type the following lines:

    <SystemOID> {
        TYPE = LoadBalancer
        VENDOR = F5Networks 
        MODEL = BIG-IP 
        CONT = F5-LoadBlncer 
        HEALTH = F5-LoadBalancer
        Environment                = F5LBEnvMon:DeviceID 
        Interface-Fault              = MIB2
        Interface-Performance   = MIB2
        Port-Fault                    = MIB2
        Port-Performance         = MIB2
    Where <SystemOID> could be for example:  .  
  3. Save and close the file.

  4. Run the following command to load the new certifications into the running IP domain:

    sm_tpmgr -s <IP_Name> --reloadoid