Configure different setting groups with different matching criteria for full application command path Process Configuration for certain hosts in the Polling and Threshold console. Once the association of the group is done based on the matching criteria, all the hosts in that group are configured using process name or process full path depending on the setting in Polling and Thresholds > Thresholds.


The support for full application command path Process Monitoring is a generic feature in ESM 9.2 and later and works with any host server that has SNMP HOST-RESOURCES-MIB (v2) enabled.

The full application command path support for Process Monitoring can be used for database applications running on hosts. By using this option, the large number of applications that are part of the database can be individually identified.


Full application command path Process Monitoring cannot be used for all hosts. The MIB at the host must be able to return a value for the path, and not the process name. If the full application command path does not exist in the MIB, it will not be displayed explicitly.

If the Polling and Thresholds settings are changed or cleared for an ESM Process Monitoring Table Configuration group, then it will also clear the previous configuration for process monitoring except for ESM, vCenter, and Atmos host.