The Server Manager provides the following basic XenServer management services:

  • Discovers XenServer Hypervisors and creates them under the generic Hypervisor class.

  • Discovers virtual machines and parent partition running on a physical XenServer server.

  • Displays the relationship of virtual machines and the parent partition to the XenServer server.

  • Notifies when:

    • A virtual machine is down or loading.

    • A virtual machine has been turned off.

  • Provides impact analysis and diagnosis when a XenServer server is down. For example, it diagnoses when a XenServer Host Down impacts a virtual machine Down.

  • Displays maps of the physical XenServer server and its virtual machines in the Global Console.


    When Server Manager discovers a XenServer environment with pools, Server Manager discovers the XenServer primary server and secondary servers, but does not create a pool entity or any other attributes.