To disable FIPS 140:

  1. Replace the imk.dat, brokerConnect.conf, serverConnect.conf and clientConnect.conf files in the BASEDIR/local/conf folder, with the copies saved from prior to ““Enabling FIPS 140 mode on a new installation” on page 35”. If you do not have a copy of these files saved, contact Technical Support.

  2. Set the value for the SM_FIPS140 parameter to FALSE in the file. This file is located under BASEDIR/smarts/local/conf/

  3. Restart all processes, such as the Broker, Domain Managers, SAM Global Manager, and Global Console.


    RPS files started under FIPS mode cannot be re-used in non-FIPS mode. Domains will need to be started either from scratch or pre-FIPS RPS files can be used in cases where topologies have not changed. Restoring from older RPS files may not be productive as it will not contain any recent topology.