This mode is used when the new installation and the old installation are on different hosts. In this mode, sm_migrate backs up and creates tar or a zip archive (file) of the customizations in the old installation. The tar or zip file resides in the location specified by you while executing the utility.


To run the utility from an older version of a Smarts product that does not have the migration utility, you must copy the script and certain Perl files (packaged in file) and place them in the appropriate locations. The must be placed in the bin directory and the Perl package must be placed under the BASEDIR/smarts/local folder and extracted there.

When you use the --sitemod option, the migration utility will migrate all customized old files for all user created locals.

After running DIFF_HOST_OLD mode and before running DIFF_HOST_NEW mode, you must manually move the tar or zip archive from the old host to the new host, preferably under the smarts directory of your new installation.