The Smart Assurance Adapter uses the existing management pack framework of vRealize Operations Manager to provide the solution. This management pack has uses the unified modeling to represent the collected data.

The management pack for Smart Assurance has the following outlines:
  • The describe.xml file in management pack contains the information about the various network elements and the supported metric is designed in accordance with the unified data model.
  • The describe.xml file is being read during the initialization process of adapter. The processed information then stored in the internal data structure for further future reference.
  • The Kafka bus is one of the major subsystem of the solution. The management pack implements the kafka consumer to read the data from the kafka bus.
  • The vRelalize Operation Manager framework periodically invokes onCollect() hook method of management pack and subsequently the management pack poll kafka bus in order to receive the data.
  • The received data is checked for acceptability condition before processing. This check is driven by the information present in the describe.xml file. If the data is not modelled, then it is discarded.
  • After the data passes the pre-condition:
    • The resulting data is parsed
    • The output data is passed through a filter
    • Non-monitored network adapter metrics may need to be filtered for certain usages.

    For example, non-monitored network adapter metrices may needs to be filtered for certain usages.

  • After the data passes through the filter it is mapped to vROps resource which is again defined in unified model. Also, the unified model is used to convert the received data to metrices associated with resource.