The table Security mechanism and communication protocols lists the communication protocols and security mechanism adopted by Smart Assurance products.

Table 1. Security mechanism and communication protocols
Smart Assurance Domain Manager Protocols Security mechanism
IP Availability Manager, Server Manager, Network Protocol Manager, MPLS Manager, VoIP Manager
  • CLI (Telnet, SSH)
  • SNMP v1, v2, v3
Note: Recommended to use SNMP v3 for enhanced security
All SNMP v3 passwords are stored in the seed files.
RestAPI (IP server) Used for OpenStack feature.
Smart Assurance Server Manager WMI Uses Windows Management Instrumentation for managing Microsoft Clusters.
  • Used for OpenStack feature.
  • Used for Scale IO feature.
EMC M&R HTTP, HTTPS For EMC M&R to Service Assurance Manager Console.
CAS For authentication and authorization.