You can verify the FIPS 140 status by using a command.


  • To know the FIPS 140 status, type the following command in dmctl mode: dmctl -s <server name> get SM_System::SM-System::FIPS
    The output should be TRUE.
    • TRUE implies that FIPS140 is enabled
    • FALSE implies that FIPS140 is disabled.
    When the broker and server starts on FIPS 140 mode, the following information is written in the broker and server log files: RSA BSAFE: MES 3.2.4 26-November-2010, Nov 26 2010 11:25:56

    FIPS: RSA BSAFE Crypto-C Micro Edition FIPS 140-2 Module, May 31 2008 13:40:49