You can view license information in two ways. One method displays licenses by host. The other one shows a centralized view of all licenses.


  1. Log in with administrator credentials.
  2. To view active licenses on a physical host, navigate to Administration > Centralized Management > Physical Overview > host-name .
  3. Click the Licenses tab.

    The Licenses tab displays active licenses on that host. It also indicates whether licenses are permanent or trial, the expiration date for trials, and additional license properties, if applicable.

  4. To view a consolidated list of licenses for all hosts, and to perform license management operations, in the navigation tree in the left pane, click Licenses Management.
    The Licenses Listing page opens showing all licenses on all servers.

    Notice the ELMS permanent license, showing all features included in the license and the license serial number. Also notice the Upload and Synchronize commands at the top of the page.

    This table displays Information for ELMS licenses related to product name for the license, SWID (software ID), and serial numbers.