If you change the configuration of a host, for example, by adding interfaces, removing interfaces, or changing the operating system, your permanent license might stop working. If your license does not work, obtain a new host ID and request a new permanent license.


Ensure that you have a login with root, APG, or system administrator privileges to perform this task. The user apg is the account that the application uses instead of root.


  1. Log in to the operating system command line on the host server.
  2. To obtain the new host ID, run one of the following operating system commands:
    Table 1. Host-id commands
    Operating system Command
    UNIX /opt/APG/bin/manage-licenses.sh host-id
    The command output is the new host ID.
  3. Copy the host ID information to the clipboard or to a text file.
  4. To obtain the new license, go to the VMware Smart Assurance support site using the following URL:
    The Create a Service Request page opens.
  5. Submit a service request to VMware Smart Assurance, asking for a new permanent license file for a new host. Paste the new host ID into the request.
  6. When VMware Smart Assurance sends you the new license file, follow the procedure in Upload a new license file.