You can install a license file from the command line if you are locked out of the UI. Always use the UI unless you are locked out.


  • Ensure that you have an OS account with root, APG, or system administrator privileges. The application uses the apg account, rather than root.
  • Acquire a new license file from VMware Smart Assurance and download it to a local server. To request a new license file, create a Service Request on VMware Smart Assurance Online Support.


  1. Log in to the server where the core software is installed.
  2. Copy the new, valid license file to this same server. The file is a .zip file.
  3. At the OS command line, navigate to the bin directory.
  4. Install the license file using one of the following commands appropriate to your OS:
    Table 1. Install license commands
    Operating System Command
    ./ install download_path/
    Note: The command installs the license file on this server only.