To install and configure Elastic Search with M&R, complete the following steps:


  • Perform M&R installation successfully.
  • Configure the Primary Backend hosts before Elastic Search configuration.


  1. Navigate to the /opt/APG/bin/ directory.
  2. Open the /etc/sysctl.conf file.
  3. Add the following line:
  4. In the /etc/security/limits.conf file, add the following lines for the user.
    In this example, the user is apg.
    apg   hard  nofile  65536
    apg   soft  nofile  65536
    apg   hard  nproc   65536
    apg   soft  nproc   65536
  5. Save the file.
  6. To install the Elastic Search cluster package, type the following command:
    ./ install elasticsearch-cluster

    When you are prompted for the IP address, provide the M&R host IP address. In the more entries option, select no unless Elastic Search needs to be configured in the cluster mode.

  7. To verify the changes, type the following command:
    su apg -c 'ulimit -n -u'
    Following is the output:
    open files                      (-n) 65536
    max user processes              (-u) 65536 
  8. In the /opt/APG/Databases/Elasticsearch/Default/conf/elasticsearch.yml file, add the following entry:
    bootstrap.seccomp: false
    script.max_compilations_per_minute: 120

    In elasticsearch.yml file, add the above line at the end.

  9. Restart Elastic Search server.
    Ensure that Elastic Search server is running.