Follow the procedure to configure the Avaya PBX and for other customized formats .


  1. Use an SSH client to open a terminal and connect to the ACM (Aura Communication Manager).
    1. Type: ssh <username>@<ACM FQDN> and then press Enter.
    2. At the prompt, type: sat and then press Enter.
    3. Select terminal type, and press Enter to generate a command prompt.
  2. Execute the command: change system-parameters cdr
  3. Set the Output Format related to IP Telephony Manager to customized. For example:
    change system-parameters cdr                                    Page 1 of 1
                              CDR SYSTEM PARAMETERS
    Node Number: (Local PBX ID)                      CDR Date Format: month/day
      Primary Output Format: customized       Primary Output Endpoint: CDR1
    Secondary Output Format:                Secondary Output Endpoint:
               Use ISDN Layouts? n                 Enable CDR Storage on Disk? n
           Use Enhanced Formats? n    Condition Code 'T' For Redirected Calls: n
    Go to page 2 of the form (Esc - n) and specify at least the following parameters:
    • time (4)
    • duration (4) or sec-dur (4)
    • cond-code (1)
    • code-used (4)
    • dialed-num (15)
    • calling-num (15), plus in-trk-code (4), or calling-num (15), plus in-trk-code (4), plus in-crt-id (3)
    These minimum parameters are required and must be added to the custom settings page along with the minimum field lengths as specified. You can also include additional parameters as shown in Standard Custom Format.