1. After the completion of at least three collection cycles, verify if data is populating into the reports.
  2. On the Device Discovery Dashboard, verify that all icons are green.
  3. To view the log files for errors, go to Centralized Management and click Collecting > Collector-Manager::<instance name> > Log Files.
  4. Log in to your MySQL database and verify data is being written to the MySQL database server. Look specifically at the data_property, data_variable, and all cache tables:
    select * from data_property;
    select * from data_variable;
    select * from <cache-table-name>;
  5. In the MySQL database, verify the user has the required login permissions to the local and remote MySQL servers being monitored by the SolutionPack. If not, follow these steps to create credentials for the user:
    1. Navigate to bin/mysql/ -u root -p <rootUserPassword> -P <mysqlServerPort>
    2. Type the following commands to create the credentials:
      use mysql;
      CREATE USER 'testuser'@'%'IDENTIFIED BY 'watch4net';
      GRANT ALL ON *.* TO 'testuser'@'%';
    3. Use these user credentials to log in to the local and remote MySQL database servers from the SolutionPack.