Learn how to install and configure the (Border Gateway Protocol). This SolutionPack provides analytics on BGP routers and neighbors, traffic on links, and exception reports on down or flapping links. BGP is the core routing protocol of the Internet. It maintains the table of IP networks that designates network reachability among autonomous systems (AS).

BGP neighbors, or peers, are established by manual configuration between routers to create a TCP session on port 179. The BGP speaker periodically sends 19-byte keep-alive messages to maintain the connection, which is every 60 seconds by default.

The SolutionPack for BGP tracks the following information:
  • Overall BGP traffic (peaks may indicates abnormal activity such as high route changes.
  • All disconnect BGP sessions or flapping sessions (session duration that averages less than one hour).
  • All properties and statistics per BGP neighbor.
  • All properties and statistics per BGP router.