SolutionPack version

Compatible M&R version and later

Data collection methods

SNMP collector

XML collector

In addition, the billing server accesses call detail records ( CDRs) and processes them using the Event Processor.

Supported devices

Cisco Unified Communications Manager (CUCM) 9.0 through 11.5. (CUCM 8.x is not supported.)
Note: The latest version of AXL API 11.5 does not support CUCM 8.x. Therefore, the VoIP domain manager and the SolutionPack for CUCM do not support CUCM 8.x. This Cisco website provides details:

Cisco Universal Gateways AS5xxx Series

Main reports

Devices Health - All Devices
Includes health information for all gateway and call manager devices per cluster - drill down on a device for metrics such as CPU usage, average used memory, availability, interface usage and statistics.
Call Managers Inventory
Lists all call managers per cluster as well as their availability.
Calls Overview
Displays important information per cluster, including:
  • Call duration
  • Cause for disconnected calls
  • Call quality (Qos and MoS)
  • Call statistics
CUCM Reports
Call Manager reports include reports per cluster on services, cluster health, phones, route pattern, trunks, and media resources. Drill down on any device for more metrics and reports.
Note: A license report is supported for CUCM 6.0 to 9.0. this report is not supported for CUCM 10.0 to 11.5.
Gateway Reports
Gateway reports per cluster show gateway trunk utilization, trunk statistics, trunk availability, and so on.

Polled Metrics

Memory, CPU usage, Interface usage, Availability
IP Trunks
Calls Active, Video Calls Active, Calls Attempted, Calls Completed, In Port Number, Out Port Number
Call Managers
Registered Phones, Unregistered Phones, Rejected Phones, Availability, Heartbeat, Calls Rejected due to ICT and Generic Throttling, Registration Status, Signalling Status, Installed Services and their Status
Signalling Status, Calls Completed, Calls Failures, Channel Status, ActiveConnections, Availability, Channels Count, Active Calls, Registration Status, Active Channels, Total Channels
Route Patterns
Orders, Endpoint, Port, RouteGroupList Enabled
Calls Overview
Duration, Type, QoS, MoS, Jitter, Latency, CalledParty, CallingParty, Pkid, DateTimeConnect
Type, Model, Registration Status