You can hide default entries in the navigation tree if you have not installed the products that populate them with data.


The default M&R platform displays nodes such as Operations, Explore, Dashboards, and Planning in the navigation tree. Other product suites that also use M&R as their platform display entries under these nodes by default. However, no data populates these entries unless you are using those products. The SolutionPack for Smarts populates data in the Network block under Operations, Explore, and Dashboards.


  1. To hide entries in the navigation tree, click Edit Mode from the M&R User Interface.
  2. Find the storage-related blocks in the list and select, Always Hide.
    Do not hide the Network block under the Operations, Explore, or Dashboards nodes. The Network block contains all of the SolutionPack for Smarts views and reports. The Planning node is not used by the SolutionPack for Smarts.