Perform these tasks to setup your PBX to work with the software.


Make sure you have login credentials with proper administrative rights to make this configuration.


  1. Use an SSH client to open a terminal and connect to the ACM (Aura Communication Manager).
    1. Type: ssh <username>@<ACM FQDN> and then press Enter.
    2. At the prompt, type: sat and then press Enter.
    3. Select terminal type, and press Enter to generate a command prompt.
  2. Execute the command: change system-parameters ip-options
  3. In the RTCP MONITOR SERVER section of the code, input the following values:
    • Set the Default Server IP Address to the IP address of the VoIP Monitor server.
    • Set the Default Server Port to 5005.
    • Set the Default RTCP Report Period (secs) to 5.
  4. When finished press Esc+e to submit the changes.