If you observe parsing errors related to resource link updating, follow this procedure.


  1. On the Frontend server, list the resources. Type the command: /opt/APG/bin/manage-resources.sh list
    For example, the output looks like:
  2. For all of the resources in your list, use the manage-resources.sh update command to change the password to watch4net. Here are two examples. For the dba/APG-DB resource, type:
    /opt/APG/bin/manage-resources.sh update dba/APG-DB '{
      "type": "jdbc",
      "datasource":   {
        "maxActive": "10",
        "maxIdle": "10",
        "validationQuery": "SELECT 1",
        "testOnBorrow": "false",
        "testWhileIdle": "true",
        "validationQueryTimeout": "5",
        "timeBetweenEvictionRunsMillis": "10000",
        "minEvictableIdleTimeMillis": "60000",
        "maxWait": "10000",
        "removeAbandoned": "true",
        "removeAbandonedTimeout": "60",
        "logAbandoned": "true",
        "driverClassName": "com.mysql.jdbc.Driver",
        "username": "apg",
        "password": "watch4net",
        "url": "jdbc:mysql://wp-dev-098.lss.emc.com:53306/apg?autoReconnect=true&connectTimeout=20000&maxReconnects=2"
      "settings": {"cachegrp": "DB"}
    For the mgmt/APG-DB resource, type:
    /opt/APG/bin/manage-resources.sh update mgmt/APG-DB '{
      "type": "webservice",
      "connection":   {
        "disableSSLValidation": true,
        "url": "https://wp-dev-098.lss.emc.com:48443/Backends/APG-Backend/Default",
        "user": "admin",
        "password": "watch4net"
    The Installation and Configuration Guide for M&R provides detailed information about resources and the manage-resources.sh update command.
  3. After you change the password for all of the resources, restart the Tomcat service. Starting the Tomcat service