Since APG keeps historical data about every metric it receives, creating a new probe to replace a new one can be tricky as probes are identified by their index number. So, when a new probe is created in place of an old one, this new probe should be the same type as the one it replaces. To ensure this, probe management could be organized as follows:

Probe index range Probe type
1 - 30 Jitter
30 - 60 HTTP
60 - 90

Other types, EXCEPT IpIcmpEcho, PathEcho, PathJitter

90 - 120 IpIcmpEcho
120 - 150 PathEcho (Not handed by this report pack).
150 - 180 PathJitter (Not handled by this report pack)
Note: Make sure the PathEcho and PathJitter (if used) probes are created at indexes higher than the last IpIcmpEcho probe. Doing otherwise will likely affect the polling of other probe types.