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This SolutionPack monitors communications for Cisco Unified Communications Manager (CUCM) as well as all of the gateways connected to the CUCM. The SolutionPack reports on voice quality, availability, and VoIP performance. It also provides status and metrics for service level measurement.

The reports in this SolutionPack cover the following objects:

  • Gateway and CUCM health
  • Gateway and CUCM inventory
  • Calls overview, including number of calls, QoS, and MoS
  • Phones, Route Patterns, IP trunks, and services
  • Gateway statistics, such as utilization and availability
  • Situations to watch, including reports for Call Manager availability, Gateway and IP trunk outage details, and calls with bad jitter, MOS, and high latency.

The SolutionPack provides the following features for administrators:

  • Helps avoid the risk of VoIP service degradation or outages—Identifies and helps resolve issues.
  • Measures voice quality—Establishes voice quality trends over time and helps troubleshoot VoIP calls for failures and quality deterioration.
  • Helps optimize resources—Identifies usage and shows reductions or increases in capacity.
  • Delivers real-time insight—Provides views into performance, both at a glance and in-depth.