For the to retrieve and process transactions, you must restart the Tomcat service after installation. You can also add new transaction types and edit default transaction types.

The Administration > Modules > Transaction Collector > Configuration Management > interface provides an automated way for you to add and edit transaction types. You can also use the transaction-collector.xml file to manually add and edit transactions, as explained in the Configuration chapter of the Transaction Collector Administration Guide. This guide is in the /APG/Doc folder of your installation path.
Note: Do not follow the instructions in the Installation chapter of the Transaction Collector Administration Guide since the Transaction Collector and the authentication.xml file are automatically configured during the SolutionPack for Transaction installation.


  1. To use the Transaction Collector, restart the Tomcat service by executing /opt/APG/bin/ service restart tomcat Default
  2. To add or edit a transaction, navigate to Administration > Collecting > Transaction Collector.
    The Configuration Management screen appears.
  3. Click Retrieve to edit the running Transaction Collector.
  4. You may, optionally, set up default entries that will populate fields in the transaction setup by editing the Collector Properties or Default Attributes entries in the Configuration Management navigation tree.
  5. To add a new transaction, expand Transactions > Add a Transaction and select a transaction type or group.
  6. Edit the parameters and attributes. Click Save.
  7. Click List to return to the Configuration Management screen, and click Push to restart the collector with the new transaction.