SolutionPack version


Compatible M&R versions

6.8u5 and later

Data collection method

SNMP collector

Supported MIBs



Supported devices

This SolutionPack can collect data from any device that supports these MIBs:



Main reports

MPLS Performance by VRF and Interface
Provides insight into major MPLS interface metrics, including volume, labels, discards, fragments, and VRF metrics, such as VRF availability and number of routes.
MPLS Inventory by VRF and Interface
Provides an inventory of the MPLS interfaces and VRFs with their corresponding metrics and their values.
Total Routes Added and Used
Provides an overview of the added routes per VRF and labels used per MPLS interface, in the form of a stacked chart.
TopN reports on Labels, Fragments and Discards
Provides values for Labels, Fragments and Discards of each MPLS interface.