The Smarts geographical map (geomap) shows the location of Smarts-enabled devices in the network. Before viewing Smarts geomaps, perform data enrichment of the device locations to provide more details in the map.


Ensure device discovery has finished and devices display in the user interface before enriching the location data. Look in the Explore > Network tree to view the discovered devices. The Location attribute of the device object in Smarts IP Manager populates the Device Location dropdown after discovery.

The APG-Centralized-Management-Guide, found in the /APG/Doc folder in your M&R installation, provides additional information.


  1. Register the Collector Manager module with the hostname of the M&R installation.
    1. From Centralized Management > Data Enrichment, click Register for New Module.
    2. Click <hostname> in the first column.
    3. Click Collecting in the second column.
    4. Click Collector Manager :: emc-smarts :: DataEnrichment in the third column.
      Do not select any other modules from the list. They are not required for geomaps.
  2. Select Collector Manager :: emc-smarts :: DataEnrichment and click geo-map-enrichment.
    The DataEnrichment property is used to enrich the values in Device Location to match meaningful values in the smlocale column.
    1. Find the columns for Device Location and smlocale.
      By default the first row displays @MATCHALL for Device Location and @NULL for smlocale.
    2. Replace the default values with meaningful names, for example, *white, in Device Location can map to White Plains, New York for the smlocale value.
      Enter a valid smlocale name which will be identifiable on the geomap.
      The Device Location dropdown menu displays accurate data only after device discovery has finished. For example, typing ‘W’ displays all locations having names with ‘W’. Typing * displays all locations.
    3. Save the changes.
    4. Click Update in the Save Data Enrichment window.
    All values in the dropdown windows must be enriched to get all locations in the geomap.
    To add a new row for enrichment, right-click the icon appearing in front of the row. This gives options to Insert Before, Insert After, or Delete a row.
  3. Restart the Database and Backend.
    1. Go to Centralized Management > Scheduled Tasks.
    2. Click Select All.
    3. Uncheck the Update Online option.
    4. Click Run now to restart the Database and Backend.
  4. Restart the M&R services.
    This restarts the Collector Manager.
    After some time, the Smarts Geography geomap will be uploaded to Dashboard > Network > Smarts Geography. Click the icons on the map to view devices present at that location.