Use this procedure to import all devices from the INCHARGE-AM-PM or INCHARGE-AM servers or from all other domains running on a specified Smarts Broker.

Use either SNMP device discovery or the Import devices from Smarts procedure to import the devices.


  1. Navigate to Administration in the M&R platform.
  2. Click Modules > SNMP Device Discovery.
  3. To add Smarts source files, click Device Source > New Smarts source.
  4. Specify the require information for Smarts device collection. For example:
    1. Enter the Source, Import Priority, and Action policies on the Main Parameters tab.
    2. Enter the Smarts configuration and Broker details on the Smarts:Domain tab.
    3. Select Smarts:Capability exclusions.
    4. Select CiscoCUCMCollector on the SNMP:Collectors tab.
  5. Click Save.
    This saves the choices you just entered.
  6. From the Dashboard, do the following steps:
    1. Click Import devices from all enabled device sources.
    2. Click Discover capabilities from all approved devices.
    3. Click Distribute all approved devices with capabilities on all enabled collectors.
    4. Click Send the generated configurations on all available collectors.
    Green indicators appear on the Dashboard after successful execution of these functions.
  7. Verify that all Devices that were part of the Imported IP domain are respectively discovered as Call Managers, Gateways, Hosts, and so forth.