SolutionPack version


Compatible M&R versions

6.8u5 and later

Data collection method

SNMP collector

Supported MIBs



Supported devices

Riverbed SteelHead appliances 250

Riverbed SteelHead appliances 550

Riverbed SteelHead appliances 1050

Riverbed SteelHead appliances 2050

Main reports

SteelHead Appliances Summary
Shows the Riverbed SteelHead utilization, such as the processor load, the availability over a selected time period, and the traffic compression rate per device. When you drill down to a specific appliance, you see CPU utilization %, CPU load, bandwidth passthrough, outgoing traffic reduction, incoming traffic decompression, storage and memory utilization, and detailed connection information.
SteelHead With Most Connections
Displays the appliances with the most connections.
SteelHead Saving Most Traffic (KBytes/sec)
Displays the appliances that save the most WAN traffic.
Performance Scorecard
Provides a summary of appliances showing compression rate (KBytes/sec), no compression (overhead traffic), and SteelHead datastore hits %.
SteelHead Traffic Reports
Reports on SteelHead traffic (KBytes/sec), application traffic (KBytes/sec), bandwidth passthrough (KBytes/sec), and SteelHead WAN links usage %.