One method to stop the Configuration Manager from sending the centralized settings to an IP Manager is to permanently remove it from the Configuration Manager list. Or, if you accidently added the incorrect IP Manager to the Configuration Manager list, you can remove it.


  1. Clear the value for the Service Name attribute.
    1. Attach the Domain Manager Administration Console to the IP Manager.
    2. Press Ctrl + ALT + M.
    3. Go to ICIM_Manager->ICIM-Manager.
    4. Clear the value in the Service Name attribute.
    5. Click Apply.
  2. In the M&R UI, in the Configuration Manager list, right-click the IP Manager and select Delete.
  3. Reinstall the service for the IP Manager without the --edaa option.
    1. Stop the IP Manager service.
      Linux: Issue the command:
      /opt/InCharge/IP/smarts/bin/sm_service stop <service_name>
      Windows: From the application server's desktop, select Start > Administrative Tools > Services and stop the service.
    2. Issue the sm_service install command for the IP Manager minus the --edaa option.
    3. Start the IP Manager service.