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Product Description

VMware Smart Assurance Network Configuration Manager (NCM) is:

  • An automated compliance, change and configuration management solution that delivers industry-recognized best practices.
  • A collaborative network infrastructure design that controls change processes, provides network device and service configuration transparency, and ensures compliance with corporate and regulatory requirements — to enable you to ensure the security, availability, and operational efficiency of your network.
  • An automated support for all facets of the network infrastructure lifecycle, seamlessly integrating critical design, change, and compliance management requirements.

What's New in this Release

VMware Smart Assurance 10.1.0 introduces a new version of Network Configuration Manager.

For Security vulnerabilities addressed in NCM, see Network Configuration Manager Security Update for Multiple Vulnerabilities, and security enhancements section in NCM Security Configuration Guide.

For older known issues, fixed issues, and configuration, refer previous Release Note.

Third-party software upgrades for 10.1.0

  • Java is upgraded to 1.8u212.
  • Apache Tomcat is upgraded to 9.0.20.
  • Common-Collections is upgraded to 3.2.2.

Platform Support

The VMware Smart Assurance Network Configure Manager Support Matrix available from the VMware Support website provides the latest platform and interoperability information. For detailed information about platform support and interoperability, refer support matrix for your release.

Resolved Issues

  • SA1-728

    Disabling the http access to SysAdmin Console.

    The http access to SysAdmin Console has been disabled and all the requests will now be redirected to https.

    http://<NCM_IP>:8080/SysAdmin URL is redirected to https://<NCM_IP>:8443/SysAdmin.

Known Issues

  • SA1-824/[ER-979]

    NCM 10.1.0 application launch is breaking on Google Chrome.

    Chrome has deprecated the NPAPI support which causes Java plugins to be disabled.
    If you have problems accessing Java applications using Chrome, Oracle recommends using Firefox, Internet Explorer, or Safari instead. 

    Users that need to run Web Start application may launch that application through a web browser such as Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Apple Safari, or Pale Moon.

    The link, https://<ipaddress>:8880/voyence/powerup.jnlp, provides a .jnlp file download you can use to enable the launch of the NCM application.

  • SMAR-1855

    User is not able to launch NCM MSA on the Firefox version 58 or later.

    Use the older version of Firefox (version older than 58), or use Internet Explorer to launch the NCM MSA.

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