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VMware Smart Experience | 24 Jan 2019

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What's in the Release Notes

The release notes cover the following topics:

About VMware Smart Experience

The VMware Smart Experience (formerly Real-Time Intelligence) platform delivers fast, accurate and granular customer insights from network and user data streams. It provides the flexibility to consume multiple data streams, perform analysis, and generate insights from source streams in real time. The Smart Experience platform meets cost and performance objectives of organizations that are seeking a fast, responsive approach to streaming analytics, elastic stream subscriptions, and real-time time series correlation-based services. It enables rapid development of products for customer experience management, resource optimization, and real-time context-based service delivery.

For more information, see the VMware Smart Experience Documentation Center: VMware Smart Experience Documentation

Before You Begin

For information about prerequisites and how to install the VMware Smart Experience software, refer to the EMC Real-Time Intelligence (RTI) 3.1.0 Administrators Guide.

New and Changed Features

This release includes the following new and changed features:

  • Removal of support for Dell EMC licensing - The product no longer requires or uses Dell EMC-issued license keys. Accordingly, the rti license audit and rti license deploy commands are no longer supported in RTISH.

Resolved Issues

  • Security vulnerabilities in some open source components (RTI-1248, RTI-1249)

    Previous versions of the VMware Smart Experience software used open source packages which have since been identified as having critical security vulnerabilities. These packages have been updated in this release.


Known Issues

  • Some fields appear twice in the Location OR Subscriber (LORS) output stream for configurable output formats (RTI-730)

    In the LORS output stream for configurable output formats, certain fields might appear twice in an event. For example, a field might appear within the map sections (protocolDetails and protocolAttributes) and also outside of those sections.

    No workaround is available.

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