Spring Cloud Gateway for Kubernetes provides a simple yet effective way to route API requests (internal or external) to application services that expose APIs.

About Spring Cloud Gateway for Kubernetes

Spring Cloud Gateway for Kubernetes, based on the open source Spring Cloud Gateway project, is the API gateway solution that application developers love. Spring Cloud Gateway for Kubernetes handles cross-cutting concerns on behalf of API development teams, such as: Single Sign-On (SSO), access control, rate limiting, resiliency, security, and more. Accelerate API delivery using modern cloud native patterns, any programming language you choose for API development, and integration with your existing CI/CD pipeline strategy.

Operators are able to manage all of their API gateways using the native Kubernetes toolchains they are familiar with. API gateways are deployed by applying YAML configured resource configurations to their target Kubernetes cluster. These resource configurations can be used to configure authentication and authorization information securely, applying performance optimization characteristics and resource utilization parameters.

Built on Open Source Technologies

Spring Cloud Gateway for Kubernetes is based on the open source Spring Cloud Gateway project. This project provides a library that can be used to create your own API gateway implementation to route HTTP traffic to application services written in any programming language. It is built on top of other Spring ecosystem projects, including Spring Framework 5, Spring Boot 2, and Project Reactor, and provides an effective solution for routing diverse client requests along with addressing cross-cutting concerns such as security, monitoring, and resiliency.

The open source project is battle-tested and is used by thousands of development teams to handle their API traffic. Built from the ground up for performance based on its non-blocking I/O design, it can handle the load with low latency.

Commercial Capabilities

Spring Cloud Gateway for Kubernetes provides an implementation of Spring Cloud Gateway, along with integrating other Spring ecosystem projects such as Spring Security, Spring Session, and more. This product includes the following commercial-only features on top of those open source underpinnings:

  • Kubernetes operator with custom resource definitions (CRDs) for handling API gateway custom resources applied to the cluster with a Kubernetes "native" experience

  • Commercial container images

  • Dynamic API route configuration

  • Support for API updates through existing continuous integration (CI) and continuous delivery (CD) pipelines

  • Simple Single Sign-On (SSO) configuration combined with commercial API route filters to enable authentication and access control

  • Additional commercial API route filters for transporting authorized JSON Web Token (JWT) claims to application services, client certificate authorization, rate limiting approaches, circuit breaker configuration, support for accessing application services via HTTP Basic Authentication credentials

  • OpenAPI version 3 auto-generated documentation

  • High availability configuration by setting instance count for horizontal scalability

  • Vertical scaling configuration for memory and vCPU of API gateway instances

  • Ability to configure JVM performance optimizations for an API gateway instance to satisfy specific use cases

  • Support for deploying resources in local development and test environments as your APIs evolve

With Spring Cloud Gateway for Kubernetes, operators can focus on managing and monitoring API gateways in their target environments, while application developers can focus on how APIs are exposed, with the appropriate design and cross-cutting concerns applied. API consumers receive a consistent experience when accessing APIs exposed via Spring Cloud Gateway for Kubernetes.