Active artifacts are defined as a unique combination of application, format and base image, packaged for which continuous updates are enabled and delivered by the service.

Customers that purchase an entitlement to an edition of Tanzu Application Catalog can select up to the prescribed number of active artifacts.

One application in one format, one active artifact

An active artifact is any unique combination of application, format and base image. One application packaged in two different formats will result in two distinct combinations, and will thus be counted as two separate active artifacts.

Costs per active artifacts

If a customer wants to use less than the number of active artifacts offered in a purchased edition, they still have to pay the same amount for the SKU.

Each edition offers a maximum number of active artifacts. It is up to the customer to determine how many of those artifacts they choose to use.

Measure the number of used active artifacts

As customers go through the process and selecting applications and adding their configurations, the service will track and display the number of active artifacts being consumed.

Number of active artifacts to use in the Team Edition

Customer can purchase multiple Team Editions if they wish to use more than 25 active artifacts.

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