VMware Tanzu Application Catalog is ideal for any customer that wants to stay competitive and innovative in an increasingly decentralized IT environment. Broadly, the service is applicable to all industries of all sizes, particularly those that rely on open source software in their application development processes.

Why Customers Should Use Tanzu Application Catalog

Tanzu Application Catalog drives innovation by providing production - ready, customizable and flexible multi-cloud components to your developers. Preparing open source software from source form to production-readiness is time consuming, manual, and undifferentiated work that is often times being repeated multiple times across organizations.

Thus, key benefits of using Tanzu Application Catalog are:

  • Multi-cloud: Support for all major platforms
  • Customizable: Best practices, compliance, visibility
  • Trusted: Stability, security, auditability
  • Curated: The right content to the right teams

Understand VMware Tanzu Application Catalog

VMware Tanzu Application Catalog is a Software as a Service (SaaS) service that provides a curated catalog of custom-configured (to enterprise requirements) open source applications that are continuously maintained and privately delivered. Tanzu Application Catalog enables customers to drive productivity enhancements through seamlessly balancing developer flexibility and IT governance.

How Tanzu Application Catalog works

Tanzu Application Catalog is based on the same trusted packaging technology and automation that Bitnami, now part of VMware, has been leveraging for many years. With this service, customers will be able to choose which apps they need, which platform(s) they need them for, and what customizations are required (for example, packaging apps on top of a pre-approved "golden" operating system image).

These bespoke applications will be built, packaged, tested, continually maintained (patches, updates, etc.) and delivered to a private repository. The applications can be consumed directly into Continuous Integration pipelines from there, or can be pulled into other destinations for distribution like service catalogs.

Learn about common Tanzu Application Catalog use cases

The following are some high-level uses cases for Tanzu Application Catalog:

  • Set deployment standards: Bake security, compliance and visibility into your pipelines and development processes
  • Enable developer self-service: Populate and preserve deploy-ready artifacts in your repositories and service catalogs
  • Automate policy: Seamlessly enforce your organization's security posture
  • Enable multi-cloud strategy: Support multiple platforms and take advantage of the latest cloud-native services
  • Boost developer productivity: Provide popular components, align teams, and orchestrate best practices company-wide
  • Drive Kubernetes adoption: Provide fresh and ready-to-consume content on-demand
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