Viewing Scan Status

You can view the Scan status by using kubectl describe on an SourceScan or ImageScan. You can see information about the scan status under the Status field for each scan CR.

Understanding Conditions

The Status.Conditions array will be populated with the scan status information during and after scanning execution, and the policy validation (if defined for the scan), once the results are available.

Condition Types for the scans


The Condition with type Succeeded indicates the scanning job result. The Status field indicates whether the scan finished successfully or if it encountered any error (i.e the status will be Status: True if it finished successfully or Status: False otherwise).

The Reason field will be JobFinished if the scanning was successful or Error if otherwise.

The Message and Error fields will have more information about the last seen status of the scan job. If the scan was successful, the Error field will be empty and the Message will be The scan job finished.


The Condition with type Scanning indicates the execution of the scanning job. The Status field indicates whether the scan is still running or has already finished (i.e. if Status: True, the scan job is still running; if Status: False, the scan is done).

The Reason field will be JobStarted while the scanning is running and JobFinished when it's done.

The Message field can either be The scan job is running or The scan job terminated depending on the current Status and Reason.


The Condition with type PolicySucceeded indicates the compliance of the scanning results against the defined policies (see Code Compliance Policy Enforcement using Open Policy Agent (OPA). The Status field indicates whether the results are compliant or not (Status: True or Status: False respectively), or Status: Unknown in case an error occurred during the policy verification.

The Reason field which will be EvaluationPassed if the scan is compliant with the defined policies, EvaluationFailed if it's not copmliant or Error if something went wrong.

The Message and Error fields will be populated with An error has occurred and an error message if something went wrong during policy verification. Otherwise, the Message field will have No non-compliant vulnerabilities found if there's no non-compliant vulnerabilities found or Vulnerabilities that failed OPA policy: plus all the non-compliant CVE IDs found.

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