This topic explains how to configure the following before using the CLI:

  1. Get the location of an access token.
  2. Get the location of the Certificate Authority Cert.
  3. Setting the Target and Certificate Authority Cert.

Setting the Access Token with METADATA_STORE_ACCESS_TOKEN

To set the access token with METADATA_STORE_ACCESS_TOKEN:

Certificate Authority Cert

For information about obtaining the CA certificate, see Enabling an Encrypted Connection.

Setting the Target and Certificate Authority Cert

The target endpoint must be: https://metadata-store-app.metadata-store.svc.cluster.local:<port>.

To set the target endpoint and CA certificate:

  1. Use insight config set-target to point the CLI to the endpoint where to the CA certificate lives. Run:

    $ insight config set-target https://metadata-store-app.metadata-store.svc.cluster.local:8443 [--ca-cert <path to CA certificate file>]

    For example, if your CA certificate file is located at /tmp/ca.crt use the following code sample:

    $ insight config set-target https://metadata-store-app.metadata-store.svc.cluster.local:8443 --ca-cert /tmp/ca.crt
    Using config file: /Users/username/.insight/config.yaml
    Setting endpoint in config to: https://metadata-store-app.metadata-store.svc.cluster.local:8443
    $ insight image get --digest example-digest
    Error: {"message":"Image not found"}
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