Supply Chain Security Tools - Store saves software bills of materials (SBoMs) to a database and allows you to query for image, source, package, and vulnerability relationships. Currently, there is support for the Cyclone DX XML SBoM formats. It helps answer questions such as:

  • What images contain a specific dependency?
  • What dependencies are affected by a specific CVE?
  • How many CVEs does a specific image or dependency contain?

Supply Chain Security Tools - Store integrates with Supply Chain Security Tools - Scan to automatically store the resulting source and image vulnerability reports.

Supply Chain Security Tools - Store has three components:

  • Postgres database
  • API
  • CLI (insight)


See TAP instructions for installing the Supply Chain Security Tools - Store

The installation will create the following in your Kubernetes cluster:

  • 2 components — an API backend, and a database. Each component includes:
    • service
    • deployment
    • replicaset
    • pod
  • Persistent volume, and persistent volume claim.
  • External IP (if you have customized the deployment configuration to use LoadBalancer).
  • A Kubernetes secret to allow pulling Supply Chain Security Tools - Store images from a registry.
  • A namespace called metadata-store.


Once installed, see Using Supply Chain Security Tools - Store for walkthroughs of querying, adding SBoMs manually, and using the API directly.

Known Issues

See Troubleshooting and Known Issues.

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