This topic explains how to install the VSCode Tanzu Extension.


Prior to installing the VSCode Tanzu Extension, you must have:


Download the extension from Tanzunet here

Launch VSCode and navigate to the Extensions menu (⇧⌘X), then from the Views and More Actions menu (...) select Install from VSIX... Select the tanzu-vscode-extension.vsix file downloaded from Tanzunet.

Note: Upon installation, you should be prompted to install the Extension Pack for Java. These are required dependencies for debugging and live-reloading. Ensure Language Support for Java is running in Standard Mode.

If you do not already have a JDK installed, the Java extension pack prompts you to install one. If the JDK and Language Support for Java are configured correctly, you see that IDE creates a directory "target" where the code is compiled.

Note: Extensions: Install from VSIX... can also be launched via the Command Palette (⇧⌘P)


Start by ensuring that you're targeted to the right cluster by following these instructions.


Get up and running quickly by using Application Accelerator and bootstrapping your development with the Tanzu Java Web App. For information about how use Application Accelerator, see Installing Application Accelerator for VMware Tanzu. This accelerator will require you to specify a name for your application and an image repository, and will handle other configuration.

Note: For this beta, we recommend that you use this accelerator to bootstrap your application for the smoothest experience with the extension.


Create a workload.yaml file in your project. For reference, take a look at config/workload.yaml in the Tanzu Java Web App here.

Create a Tiltfile for your project. For reference, take a look at Tiltfile in the Tanzu Java Web App here. For information about Tiltfile, see Tiltfile API Reference.

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