This Tanzu CLI plugin provides the ability to create, view, update, and delete application workloads on any Kubernetes cluster that has the Tanzu Application Platform components installed.

About Workloads

Tanzu Application Platform enables developers to quickly build and test applications regardless of their familiarity with Kubernetes. Developers can turn source code into a workload that runs in a container with a URL.

A workload enables developers to choose application specifications, such as repository location, environment variables, service binding, and more. For more information on workload creation and management, see Command Reference.

Tanzu Application Platform can support a range of workloads, including a serverless process that starts on demand, a constellation of microservices that functions as a logical application, or a small hello-world test app.


Follow the instructions to Install or Update the Tanzu CLI and Plugins.

From the $HOME/tanzu directory, run:

tanzu plugin install --local ./cli apps

To verify that the CLI is installed correctly, run:

tanzu apps version

A version should be displayed in the output.

If the following error is displayed during installation:

Error: could not find plugin "apps" in any known repositories

✖  could not find plugin "apps" in any known repositories

Verify that there is an apps entry in the cli/manifest.yaml file. It should look like this:

    - name: apps
      description: Applications on Kubernetes
      versions: []

Command Reference

Usage and Examples

Known Issues


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