Supply Chain Choreographer for VMware Tanzu

This topic introduces Supply Chain Choreographer.


Supply Chain Choreographer is based on open source Cartographer. It allows App Operators to create pre-approved paths to production by integrating Kubernetes resources with the elements of their existing toolchains (e.g. Jenkins).

Each pre-approved supply chain creates a paved road to production; orchestrating supply chain resources - test, build, scan, and deploy - allowing developers to be able to focus on delivering value to their users while also providing App Operators with the peace of mind that all code in production has passed through all of the steps of an approved workflow.

Out of the box Supply Chains

VMware Tanzu ships with Out-of-the-Box Supply Chains.

About Installing

Supply Chain Choreographer is released as a Tanzu Package.

To install Supply Chain Choreographer, see Install Supply Chain Choreographer.

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