With Supply Chain Security Tools for VMware Tanzu - Scan, Tanzu customers can build and deploy secure, trusted software that complies with their corporate security requirements. To enable this, Supply Chain Security Tools - Scan provides scanning and gatekeeping capabilities that Application and DevSecOps teams can easily incorporate earlier in their path to production as it is a known industry best practice for reducing security risk and ensuring more efficient remediation.

Use Cases

  • Using your scanner as a plug-in, scan source code repositories and images for known CVEs prior to deploying to a cluster.
  • Identify CVEs by scanning continuously on each new code commit and/or each new image built.
  • Analyze scan results against user-defined policies using Open Policy Agent.
  • Produce vulnerability scan results and post them to the Supply Chain Security Tools - Store from where they can be queried.

Supply Chain Security Tools for Tanzu - Scan Features

The following Supply Chain Security Tools for Tanzu - Scan features make the use cases available:

  • Built Kubernetes controllers to run scan jobs.
  • Built Custom Resource Definitions (CRDs) for Image and Source Scan.
  • Created a CRD for a scanner plugin. Provided example using: Anchore's Syft and Grype.
  • Created a CRD for policy enforcement.

Scanner Support

Out-Of-The-Box Scanner Version
Anchore Grype v0.20.0

More to come in FY23! Let us know if there's a scanner you'd like us to support.


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