This guide explains how to generate and publish TechDocs for catalogs. You can also leverage the documentation as necessary.

Creating an AWS S3 bucket

  1. Navigate to Amazon S3:
    • Click Create bucket.
    • Give the bucket a name.
    • Select the AWS region.
    • Keep Block all public access checked
    • Click Create bucket.

Configuring AWS S3 access

The TechDocs will be published to the S3 bucket that was just created. You will need an AWS user's access key to read from the bucket when viewing TechDocs.

  1. Create an AWS IAM User Group:
    • Click Create Group.
    • Give the group a name.
    • Click Create Group.
    • Click the new group and navigate to Permissions.
    • Click Add permissions and click Create Inline Policy.
    • Click the JSON tab and replace contents with this json replacing <BUCKET_NAME> with the bucket name.
        "Version": "2012-10-17",
        "Statement": [
                "Sid": "ReadTechDocs",
                "Effect": "Allow",
                "Action": [
                "Resource": [
    • Click Review policy.
    • Give the policy a name and click Create policy.
  2. Create an AWS IAM User to add to this group:
    • Click Add users.
    • Give the user a name.
    • Check the box for Access key - Programmatic access and click Next: Permissions.
    • Check the box for the IAM Group to add the user to and click Next: Tags.
    • Click Next: Review then click Create user.
    • Note the Access key ID (<AWS_READONLY_ACCESS_KEY_ID>) and the Secret access key (<AWS_READONLY_SECRET_ACCESS_KEY>) and click Close.

Find the catalog locations and their entities' namespace/kind/name

TechDocs are generated for catalogs that have markdown source files for TechDocs.

  1. The catalogs that will appear in Tanzu Application Platform GUI are listed in the tap-gui-values.yaml under catalog.locations.
  2. For a given catalog, clone the catalog's repo to the local filesystem.
  3. Find the mkdocs.yml that is at the root of the catalog. There should be a yaml file describing the catalog at the same level. It may be called catalog-info.yaml.
    • Note the values for namespace, kind, and, as well as the directory path containing the yaml file.
  4. Note the spec.targets in that file.
    • For each of the targets, determine the namespace/kind/name.
      • Navigate to the target's yaml file.
      • The namespace value is the value of namespace.
        • if it isn't specified, it will have the value default.
      • The kind value is the value of kind.
      • The name value is the value of
      • Note the directory path containing the yaml file.

Use the TechDocs CLI to generate and publish TechDocs

We will use npx to run the TechDocs CLI, which requires Node.js and npm.

  1. Download and install Node.js and npm
  2. Install npx
    npm install -g npx
  3. Generate the TechDocs for the root of the catalog. This will create a temporary site directory in your current working directory that contains the generated TechDocs files.
    npx @techdocs/cli generate --source-dir <DIRECTORY_CONTAINING_THE_ROOT_YAML_FILE> --output-dir ./site
  4. Review the contents of the site directory to verify the TechDocs were generated successfully.
  5. Set environment variables for authenticating with AWS S3 with an account that has read/write access:
  6. Publish the TechDocs for the root of the catalog to the AWS S3 bucket you created earlier.
    • The <NAMESPACE/KIND/NAME> will be the values for namespace, kind, and you noted earlier. For example default/location/yelb-catalog-info
    npx @techdocs/cli publish --publisher-type awsS3 --storage-name <BUCKET_NAME> --entity <NAMESPACE/KIND/NAME> --directory ./site
  7. For each of the spec.targets found earlier repeat the generate and publish commands. Note that the generate command will erase the contents of the site directory before creating new TechDocs files so the publish command must follow the generate command for each target.

Update app-config.yaml techdocs section to point to the AWS S3 bucket

We will update the tap-gui-values.yaml you used at install-time to point to the AWS S3 bucket that has the published TechDocs files.

  1. Replace the techdocs section in tap-gui-values.yaml with the following yaml, substituting appropriate values for the placeholders.

      builder: 'external'
        type: 'awsS3'
          bucketName: <BUCKET_NAME>
            accessKeyId: <AWS_READONLY_ACCESS_KEY_ID>
            secretAccessKey: <AWS_READONLY_SECRET_ACCESS_KEY>
          region: <AWS_REGION>
          s3ForcePathStyle: false
  2. Update your installation using the tanzu CLI:

    tanzu package installed update tap-gui \
      --version <package-version> \
      -f <values-file>
  3. Check the status of this update by running:

    tanzu package installed list
  4. Navigate to the Docs section of your catalog and view the TechDocs pages to verify that the content is being loaded from the S3 bucket successfully.

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